DSIRE Helps You Go Green and Save Money


is a lot of money that can be saved by practicing energy efficient habits with your business’ building. Finding out what those incentives are vary from state to state and town to town. “DSIRE” is a website that sorts out all of that information in a clear way. Their interactive map easily leads you to whatever state you are in. From there you can narrow the search to your county or city and find the discounts that are available and what requirements are necessary to be eligible for them. There are also federal incentives that apply to everyone in the country.

What type of incentives can I get?

One look at the site shows that there are many incentives that companies can take advantage of. Some of them include the use of solar energy, wind energy, recycling, and the use of reusable fuels. It would not be very difficult for one business to apply for not one, but many of these discounts.

The site also has features that allow you to search for a particular kind of incentive and check out what new discounts have recently been made available. “DSIRE” makes energy efficiency a simple and tangible goal to achieve. With sites like this helping businesses quickly, the companies involved will be saving money instantly.

Companies that want to learn more about how they can become eligible for these incentives are welcome to make an appointment with Shelterwood. In no time at all you can be saving a significant amount of money, and protecting the environment at the same time.

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