Your Home Reimagined

Does your home feel and look out of date, seem unhealthy, need repairs, waste energy and cost too much to heat & cool? Do you want your house to be more modern looking, but you don’t want to relocate to another area?

One of the tools we use in modern design is Sketch-Up, a 3D rendering software which enables our Clients to take a comprehensive virtual look at the proposed renovation and tailor the remodeling solutions to that before they are done, thus saving time and costs on redoing design and work. Most of Shelterwood Homes are designed and built with this technology, so it is easily adapted to creative renovation as well. The end result will be the home you had envisioned, to feel excited about living in, staying in the neighborhood you love, and one that will save you money to operate.

Home Age Matters

Older homes waste the most energy, but those problems can be fixed. We offer a complete range of design and energy solutions that will significantly increase your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and value.