Home Completed in Prairie Green

We made a post back in February about the construction of a new home in Prairie Green. We are pleased to announce that the construction is completed and that that home turned out even better than expected. Shelterwood is proud to add yet another beautiful and energy efficient home to the world.

As you can see, the glass windows will not only be great at trapping heat in the Winter, but they look gorgeous all year round. The minimal windows on the back will perfectly contain the heat during the Winter, and the siding used on the house really shines on that side. The entire exterior is beautiful and inviting.

Time can be spent outside on the wonderful porch fitting on the house.

The interior of the house is just as sleek and attractive as the outside. The rooms are spacious and create a warm atmosphere.

Of course, every Shelterwood home is equipped with these wonderful energy features that conserve energy and save you money. This house is a great achievement in energy efficiency and we hope to make this thetrend of all homes that are built in the future.