Honeywell Energy-Efficient Ventilation Systems

When it comes to air-ventilation, Honeywell is offering a system that does an amazing job at keeping fresh air in your home while saving a tremendous amount of energy. For those of you that want to breathe in fresh air in a way that is energy-efficient, this system is the perfect solution.

A great quality that this system offers is year-round ventilation. It can bring fresh air into your home even when all of your windows are closed. No matter what the weather, fresh air will always be guaranteed. One of the factors that makes this system environmentally safe is that it recovers approximately 80% of the air that leaves the home. That saves the system from having to use unnecessary energy. All that conservation allows Honeywell to boast that their air-ventilation system uses the same amount of energy as a 100-watt light bulb. It is difficult to be more energy-efficient than that.

The heat-recovery ventilation helps reduce window condensation and prevents excessive moisture to build up during the winter. This ventilation system also reduces the amount of humidity that is brought into the house during the summer while also retaining humidity in the winter months. These multiple functions simultaneously conserves energy and creates maximum comfort within the home.

This system is proof that quality products can also be conscious of how much energy that are using and what that is costing customers and the environment. Smart engineering and being mindful of the output of energy is what leads to great innovations like the Honeywell Energy-Efficient Ventilation Systems.