Nest Thermostat: Innovation Comes Home

Imagine what would happen if you stuck some of the visionaries behind the iPod and the geniuses behind Google in a room together. What would they come up with? The answer will literally change the way you feel inside your home. The Nest Thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your house in a way that increases your comfortability while saving money and energy.

It has never been easier to set the perfect temperature for your home until now. The simple dial of the Nest Thermostat not only looks great on your wall, but it can also be turned with ease to reach the degree of your choice. But where this device goes above and beyond from the traditional thermostat is that it has a memory. Every time you set the the thermostat, it saves the information and continues to learn what you like. That means you have to turn the dial less, and the Nest takes it upon itself to keep you comfortable.

The customization of the Nest Thermostat does not stop there. It figures out when you go to sleep and wake up, as well as when you are out of the house. It takes that information and adjusts the temperatures accordingly. This not only saves you the hassle of constantly fidgeting with the the temperature, but it saves energy and puts that money back in your pocket. It helps remind you of these things by showing leafs for energy saving and timers that tell you how long until your desired temperature is reached.

The amazing features and slick design have already made this product in demand. It is currently on back order, but in the future it will be available to add to any Shelterwood custom-built home. When it comes to feeling comfortable in your own home, it is nice to have a device that cares as much as you do.