New House in Prairie Green

There’s a new house being put up in the Prairie Green development by Shelterwood. This house has combined many environment-friendly techniques that allows it to be incredibly energy efficient. The house was specifically designed to conserve as much energy as possible, and it is not disappointing.

As seen in the picture above, there are many windows on the side of the house that will get the most sunlight during the Winter. The significant amount of glass optimizes the amount of heat that is absorbed into the house. The extension of the roof also prevents as much heat from getting into the house during the Summer so the house can stay cool.

On the other side of the house, the amount of windows are minimal. This prevents any heat from escaping through this side of the house. The heat that comes in during the Winter

is trapped in the house, which conserves a lot of energy that would go towards heating the home.

This picture shows the installation of slate floors in the house. This is part of a process called thermal mass storage. When the light comes in through the window, the slate floors store the heat and slowly dissipate it throughout the house. This process makes sure that any heat that enters the house is not put to waste.

This is a picture of the spray foam that is used throughout the house. The foam is used to seal up the house and prevent any heat to escape in the Winter and cool air to escape in the Summer. Usually these parts of the house are left open to ventilate air. But that process is being covered with the HRV system.

The HRV system (Heat recovery ventilation) is an energy-efficient way to recycle air and maintain the desired temperature of the house. This system is great at keeping heat in the house and not wasting any air.

Many of the appliances used in the house are rated by Energy Star. Their stamp of approval means that the products are energy-efficient and are helping out the environment.

The fireplace is made from local limestone. The exterior of the house will also be covered in local stone. Sienna stone that was quarried from right outside Bedford, IN will be used to cover the outside of the house.

The prairie-style landscaping will require only a small amount of mowing, which will cut down on emissions to the environment. On the whole, the design and construction of this house will save the owners more than 50% on what they would normally spend on energy. This house is proof that the home of the future is available today.