Prairie Green

Where Architecture Meets Environment

Ask any architect what style they most admire… Often the response is the Prairie school of architecture. Why, because of the broad range of forms and shapes that it can take. It is one architectural style which allows the greatest freedom for creation.

To this end, Shelterwood Builders at Prairie Green Homes have taken great pains to landscape the site with naturally occurring vegetation, including spots of prairie grasses and ground covers, are arranged in a seemingly random fashion, but one which allows for the greatest privacy and enhancing various vistas of the property. Asymmetry is the rule rather than the exception in the landscape design. As it matures, this landscape will look and feel timeless and enhance the setting of each home.

The use of energy efficient construction techniques, use of passive solar measures and other progressive methods are encouraged. We want to create a neighborhood that will provide lasting value both from an investment perspective as well as beauty and appeal. We hope that 50 years from now people of this community will appreciate and admire the quality and vision of Prairie Green.

Available Lots

Saved the best for last… Unique lot featuring a Shelterwood Builders Prairie Green 2.5 acre building lot with a classic bungalow guest home / office and a separate carriage house guest quarters with attached 3 car garage / shop.


Located 1/2 mile east of Downtown Bloomington and Indiana University’s Campus

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