Spray Foam: A Better Way to Insulate Your Home

Everyone is familiar with the more traditional way of insulating your house with fiber glass installation. It is praised for having a higher “R-value”, which measure a home’s thermal resistance. This fact is misleading, however, because the R-values do not account for every type of heat transference. There are many ways for heat to escape, and there is only one process that prevents all of those types.

What is Spray Foam?

Spray Foam is a type of insulation where the foam seals the house tight so that all of the heat can be sealed within the house. The spray foam does not allow the house to breathe like fiber glass, though having a Honeywell Ventilator System would fix that problem easily.

Another advantage is that your basement and attic will not get overly hot or cold throughout the year. There will only be a couple of degrees difference, so those rooms will actually be bearable in the Summer and Winter months. To fully protect your house from heat transference, spray foam is the best option. You are paying for the heated or cooled air that is in your home, so shouldn’t you do your best to keep it in the house?